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Cramele Recas

Weine Tourismus
Weine Tourismus

Weine - Weisse Weine
Weisse Weine Weisse Weine

Schwaben Wein

Muscat Ottonel - Medium sweet and with a concentrated exotic fruit flavour
Feteasca Regala - Floral and aromatic, vivid green/straw color
Riesling Italian - Lush green in color, zingy citrus aromas stand out on the...

Castle Rock

Riesling - A fresh dry wine
Feteasca Regala - A floral white wine
Sauvignon Blanc - An elegant dry wine

Terra Dacica

Sauvignon Blanc - Golden green color with delicate aromes of...
Chardonnay - A bright-gold hue, with a fresh aroma of kiwi and lemon
Pinot Grigio - Bright green colour, spicey hints of perfumed oils


Pinot Grigio - An elegant wine with an intense aroma of fresh grapes
Sauvignon Blanc - A fresh young wine with a intense citrus fuit aroma


Pinot Grigio - Clean, mouth-watering and refreshing
Sauvignon Blanc/Feteasca - Crisp , light and fruity

La Putere

La Putere Sauvignon Blanc - Intense aromas of tropical fruits and goosberry


Chardonnay - A fresh citrus aroma

Recas Reserva

Sauvignon Blanc - Reserva - Doc Recas 2004 Sec

Old Castle

Sauvignon Blank - A fresh young wine with a intense citrus fruit aroma...
Chardonnay - A rich aroma of lemon citrus, mixed with ...
Pinot Grigio - An elegant wine with an intense fruit aroma ...

V - The Legend of Transylvania

Pinot Grigio - A delicately perfumed wine, with hints of spice and cumin ...
Sauvignon Blanc - A striking wine with a powerful bouquet ...
Riesling - Citrus, fresh grapes with mineral notes explode from this wine ...